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Gamma Panfish Polyflex
  Gamma Panfish Polyflex
Introducing our high-tech, molecularly altered, optic yellow, copolymer monofilament line. Gamma's exclusive "Molecular Alteration" provides the line with the unprecedented combination of flexibility, shock resistance, strength, abrasion resistance, and lower memory. Gamma Panfish was designed with the Panfisherman in mind and the optic yellow color makes it ideal for line watching. The optic yellow color, just like a tennis ball, allows it to stand out in many different light conditions for detecting the lightest of bites. Suppleness is extremely important and this line has it. The high suppleness of GAMMA Panfish allows for less memory and a more natural presentation with micro-light baits. Gamma Panfish also has extremely high breaking strength, up to 2x the stated size.

Price: $9.95
Line Weight:
Color: Optic Yellow Only