Team Catfish Glow Wrapz

Team Catfish Glow Wrapz Team Catfish Glow Wrapz
Introducing the Team Catfish GLOW-WRAPZ. The greatest night fishing glow product ever. Just wrap the GLOW-WRAPZ around your pole and let them glow. An amazing new glow technology allows the GLOW-WRAPZ to glow for 10 hours or more. To keep them shining like a diamond, a 5 second quick charge with a flashlight is the answer. You can also custom cut the GLOW-WRAPZ to fit anything you want to shine at night! Place the GLOW-WRAPZ on your pole from the tip to 2 ft. back for the best performance. No more bugs and lights. No more "one use" glow sticks, these GLOW-WRAPZ keep working night after night. You get 3--3 inch GLOW-WRAPZ per pack = 3.49
Glow in the Dark Only